Let me first introduce myself briefly.

My name is Maurits, I am an inhabitant of Amsterdam for fifty years now and there is still a lot to discover for me in this town .

It really depends on what you are looking at: the architecture, nature , the people and so on. Everyday you can see a change in the city, new houses are being build, bicyclelanes are constructed and more visitors are coming to Amsterdam each year, to give a few examples.

If I want to relax a bit I like to read, (learn to) paint, listen to music and watch opera dvd’s, make photographs, watch tv (especially sports, the news, documentaries and films), taking care of the plants on our terrace, make music on the computer, play the piano and of course go out and see special places in Amsterdam!

I finished law school, set up a couple of businesses and have my own little family. I still have some good friends in town whom I see regularly.

My wife is from Germany so that means that I am quite familiar with german culture. I met a lot of nice people in Germany, some of them became friends !

Right now I don’t have any work because I was struck by some kind of form of ‘ataxie’, a latin word for ‘coordination disorder’, i.e. braindamage. This means that I don’t drive a car anymore, don’t cycle and that everything goes just a bit slower. On the other hand it means that I have a lot more time to wander the city, see new developments, photograph and read.

This website is for those who would like to visit Amsterdam and would like to know more of the city in detail ( you will not find practical information like things about hotels, public transport, etcetera ). This site is as well for those living in Amsterdam but are still curious about the history, people, nature, music and future developments.

Thanks a lot for visiting my blog and I hope that you have fun with it!
Amsterdam, 21st of June 2017

Addendum: Things have gotten a little bit better. One year has passed and I try to get a grip on this blog. So stay tuned!
Amsterdam, 2nd of May 2018

Addendum 2: Yesterday I was having a rest around Amsterdam and sat down at a table standing outside to eat something.

I was contemplating this and that and at one point thought about mistakes I still make once and a while because of my braindamage (not very often though).

I was thinking that I corrected these mistakes by way of reflecting on them. At this moment I looked up and saw this small boat with the text ‘ervarend leren’ which means something like ‘learning by experience’ (it also contained, as a small joke, the word ‘ervarend’ which is a contraction of two words: ‘ervaren’ which means ‘to experience’ and ‘varen’ which means ‘to sail’). Then I thought ‘yes!’, this is exactly what I am doing. When I make a mistake next time I try to be more aware in certain situations and concentrate better.

Amsterdam, 20th of august 2018