It already has been a short while since the last time I wrote about corona.
The situation is a lot better in the Netherlands and more specificially in Amsterdam although it is still precarious. Now that a number of restrictions have been loosened up the danger exists that people start to think that they can go back to normal and you already see less understanding for certain rules in the supermarket for instance.
Lately there is more attention for the way the virus travels through the air. What comes to the foreground is the different ways to ventilate a certain space (for example an office building, class rooms, etcetera). I don’t think there is scientific proof what is the best way. There are still researchers with different opinions. Hopefully more will be clear when I write my next update.

Here you can find the regulations that the city of Amsterdam has issued for the 1st of June:

-in the open air any number of people may come together as long as they keep their social distance
-museums may open up but you have to make a reservation in advance
-cultural institutions like theaters, cinemas, concerthalls, etcetera may open up (reservation, no more than 30 people)
-bars and restaurants may open up (30 people inside, unlimited number outside with social distancing, reservation)
-in public transport the use of a face mask is obligatory for everybody older than thirteen years old
-from the 15th of June the sanitairy facilities may be opened on campsites, recreation parks, etcetera.

Amsterdam, the 11 th of June.