Everytime I am wandering through the town of Amsterdam and I want to take a time off from all the impressions I get, I decide to take a rest at a square called ‘Het Amstelveld’.

It is not a particularly beautiful square, I don’t think Amsterdam is a city of beautiful squares, but to me it feels like an authentic Amsterdam square with a former church, a terrace crowded by young parents,  small kids playing on a small playground and bigger ones playing soccer on a field surrounded by wonderful wingnut trees. There is even a spot where you can play ‘jeu de boules’. There are benches located around the square which you can use to have a rest, watch the scene on the square or just simply hide from the rain under the trees.

From time to time visitors from other countries decide to have a look but it does not to seem to be well-known by a lot of people. A small statue of a man called Kokadorus attracts some attention. Kokadorus was the nickname of a merchant called Meyer Linnewiel (1867-1934) who was famous for his sale-talks he held on the market at the Amstelveld.

Every monday you can find a flower- and plantmarket here which is open from 9.00 till 16.00. It gives a very lively atmosphere to the square!

Amsterdam, the 13th of July 2019

Sources: www.amsterdamoudestad.nl

The ‘Amstelkerk’
Entrance of a house on the square