A very nice initiative was started in Amsterdam a couple of weeks ago. Suddenly bikes decorated with artificial flowers popped up on different bridges in Amsterdam! Sometimes they were grouped together on one bridge and sometimes each bike was separately locked to  several bridges close to each other.

 They coloured the somehow dull neighbourhoods and were a real eyecatcher. The bikes stayed for sometime on one bridge and were suddenly moved to another. All’n all there were four bikes: two yellow ones, one red one and the last one purple-blue. I.e. there seemed to be a preference for primary colours.

I took a couple of photographs and saw that the whole thing was an initiative of the FLOWERBIKEMAN! You could see that he had spend a lot of time decorating the bikes.

On the yellow bike you could see a lot of sunflowers ( a reference to van Gogh?).  On the same bike I saw a weathered cardboard mentioning his name and that you could find him on Instagram.

He seemes to be an artist and I hope that he is already working on a new initiative!

Amsterdam,  the 15th September 2018